PinkoHD Video – Lesbian Fun Time

Last updated: May 26th 2017

Another pinkohd video is here for you guys and it’s a great video as well. We have these smoking hot college babes that received a dare for their friends. These four American anal sluts are at the same college and also share the same dorm room. They went to this fraternity party and ended up playing truth of dare. Of course they choose dare and got stuck in the same room with a video camera on them.

One of them got a special dare, to make out with her dorm colleagues and that’s what she did. Everyone was dizzy so no one really thought it thru. So they started making out passionately and slowly undressing each other. Then they slipped their fingers in each other’s juicy pussy, making them even hornier then they were. them one of them had a great idea, to start dildo-fucking each other. So before you know it they were fucking each other all over the place. So don’t miss this hardcore update and we’ll be back with more hot scene. Enjoy it! Bye bye

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